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PRENIMAL has its history in developing and producing premium products for winning sport horses and racing camels. In these sports only one ambition prevails: being better than the rest.

This ambition is embedded in our DNA. The company was originally founded in 1999 and has a core team of experienced employees, which launched groundbreaking products under the prequine brand.

In 2019 the company was acquired by the current shareholder and in 2021 a new management was attracted to further grow the activities and portfolio of the company.

The new company name PRENIMAL HOLLAND BV was launched and the product portfolio has been broadened with products for poultry, ruminants and pets.

The products under the Prequine, Prechick, Prerumi and Prepet labels are developed and/or produced in-house. 

Although since 1999 the company evolved to the company it is today, everybody in our team has it in their DNA: the ambition to win!

Our locations

Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands (Holland)

Prequine, Prechick, Prerumi and Prepet are developed and/or produced in our own facility and warehouse in Heerhugowaard, Holland.

Our veterinary technical support team is responsible for the development and/or production of the products, which are sold under our own labels. 

PRENIMAL HOLLAND BV is a licensed GMP+ - FSA manufacturer  (GMP+ 015525 / αNL500562) and a licensed wholesaler of veterinary medicines (Licence# 2807-GL).

Quality from Holland!

SOHAR freezone, The Sultanate of Oman

Prenimal Middle-East SPC is acting as a distribution hub between Europe and the Middle-East for Prenimal Holland BV. The company has its own temperature controlled warehouse, chilled storage for e.g. vaccines and injectables, repacking area and an office space for the local team.

This enables Prenimal Holland BV to improve the delivery times to its distributors in the Middle-East with fast LCL shipments. The next advantage is that, by having Prenimal products on stock in Prenimal Middle-East SPC, the company is able to quickly respond to demand changes in specific countries in the region.

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The team and network of Prenimal Holland BV consists of professionals who have years of experience throughout the full value chain of feed additives and veterinary medicines.

Prenimal Holland BV is a fast-growing company based in the Netherlands (Holland) with an international orientation.

Every day we are looking to add talent, experience and people with the right mentality to our team.

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